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Candle lighting (and minyanim) times: You enter in the candle lighting times for the next few fridays (or let us calculate for you, based on our Zman Calculator) and every Friday, the top corner of your front page automatically displays candle lighting time. After Shabbos, it automatically removes itself, and next friday, the appropriate candle lighting time reappears.
Include Friday Mincha, Shabbos Mincha, Havdalah -- as many times as you want. You decide what to place where, enter the data, and every week, the site displays that week's time.
Events: Your events page and the events section of your front page would always carry the events of this week (or this month) and remove them once they have passed. If you have an archive section, the event will automatically be transferred. If you want to upload pictures of those events, you will find them displayed in the archives section.
Mazal Tovs: engagements, births, or any simcha -- automatically categorized. You set the expiration date when they should be removed.
Mailing lists: Online subscription to multiple lists -- news, youth, sisterhood, etc. Each list can have different permissions -- allow the youth director to send out his own emails. OR have a list that everyone in the shul can post to -- need a babysitter? want to sell a bicycle? use the list.
Personal Events Coordinator: Make sure your personal simcha doesn't coincide with someone else's by registering your event in the shul's online database.
Member Directory: Search through the shul's membership directory for phone numbers and addresses.
PDA Format: Make any or all of these features downloadable to your Palm or other organizer.

Zman Calculator

Included with a Basic Web package is a Zman Calculator customized to your shul's latitude/longitude. We can calculate any zman for any date: candle lighting, sof zman for shema, earliest time for talis. Is mincha always 10 minutes before sunset? No problem, we'll calculate that for you. Want an automatic warning for the weeks when kerias shema must be said before shabbos davening? We can arrange that too.

Static Pages

Of course, you'll want the regular complement of unchanging pages: shul history, biography of rabbi, office hours, important phone numbers, community services such as mikvah and kosher restaurants. We'll help you organize these pages in an effective and attractive manner.

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