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Simple web sites are called static. They are most similar to the written brochure -- a mix of graphics and text, but no more sophisticated. You visit them today or tomorrow and you'll find the same text. Until someone reformats the page (the equivalent of printing a new brochure, if easier), it will remain static.
A dynamic web page is one that changes based on user input and/or date-time. The server that houses the web site looks at the date or checks its database or examines the visitor's request and returns data accordingly. If a page calls upon a database that contains a record of events and their dates, it can request that only that week's or that month's events be returned.
We're creating a package that makes database administration easy for a shul and its staff. Our administration pages are made up of HTML forms familiar to every web user. Accessible from any browser, these pages can be administered by anyone -- office staff or officers -- anytime anywhere, with just an internet connection and a password.
The information is then pulled up by the dynamic web pages based on the date, so the site never becomes obsolete. See our list of Basic Web Features for an idea of what your shul can do with a dynamic web site. Or if you're interested in using the web to improve office productivity, try our Advanced Features.

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