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Shuls.net is a network of database-driven synagogue web sites. Shuls have lots of information that members and visitors need to access all the time. That's why your shul creates printed bulletins and leaves audio messages on its phone system. When are the minyanim for shachris? What sisterhood activities are available? Who is so-and-so engaged to? Of course you would want this information on your shul's web site. But how do you keep your site up-to-date without hiring a webmaster? Answer: Shuls.net.
Shuls.net welcomes its first proud partner, Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe of Brighton, Massachusetts. KTM was Brighton's first Orthodox synagogue organized in 1941. It was first known as Congregation Kadimah and later merged with Congregation Toras Moshe of Roxbury in 1960. ktm.shuls.net
Shuls.net is proud to host the Queens Jewish Center's upcoming site at qjc.shuls.net. QJC is Forest Hills's oldest and largest Orthodox shul. Founded in 1943 under the leadership of Rabbi Morris Max, the shul continues today under Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt to be a beacon of Modern Orthodoxy. qjc.shuls.net

Kadimah-Toras Moshe


Queens Jewish Center

Young Israel of West Side

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